About Us


Commitment to Creating environments that inspire people where they live, work, and play

Dedicated to conducting ourselves with an attitude of Competitive Urgency in all we do

Industry Leader through the Integrity of our people and the Innovative solutions that we provide

Above all else, we understand the Importance of our Relationships

Creative Design Interiors (CDI) is a locally owned and operated company that was established in October of 1991 as a single location in West Sacramento. Through the innovative products and services we offer, the integrity of our people and a competitive urgency in all we do; CDI has grown to 5 locations all over Northern California and Nevada in 2010. In 2005, CDI opened up our own granite slab fabrication shop in Sacramento. Then in 2006, we branched out from our Residential roots and started aggressively pursuing the Commercial market. Again in 2007, we launched our Concrete Surface Preparation division. CDI’s true internal strength comes from our Management Team and the Ownership we take in our business. We maintain a “Spartan” attitude in regards to our finances which allows CDI to adapt and adjust to the ever changing market conditions. This is a lesson we learned in the market downturn of the early 1990’s when we first started. At CDI, we value and understand the importance of the relationships we have with our Customers. Listening to their needs over the years has created many “firsts” in the industry. CDI was the first flooring company to:

  1. Start vacuuming our homes after every carpet installation as part of our inspection process.
  2. Successfully integrate carpet, vinyl, wood, tile, slab fabrication and window coverings into one Trade Partner.
  3. Use Anti-fracture thinset under every floor tile installation.
  4. Use grout additives to help eliminate discoloration.
  5. Cover all our wood floor installations with corrugated cardboard to prevent damage.
  6. Designed and implemented a program to filter and recycle all our tile setting materials.

We are very proud of what we have accomplished over the last 19-years. It couldn’t have been done without our Customers, our Suppliers, or our People!

Thank You!